Before busting your brains out with tricks and secret copywriting formulas, learn how to fill out your copygrid and speedup all your future writing

That's right. Filling out your copygrid, is what you do...

  • ...before any formulas you use.
  • Before you start getting all creative and stuff.
  • And... before using all the "ninja" tricks you've learned online.

It's free to use, and in 3 hours can save you and your clients months of frustration.

It will help you keep on track with any copywriting task you have at hand.

And... as a bonus, make you always ready for any interview, podcast, live sales presentation or speech that might be jumping you're way.

Are you prepared?

Well, if you're not, then get prepared...

Start the course:

Have a look at this intro video, then start filling out your copygrid with the instructions below it (hope you also like the killer quote of this fairly unknown ancient roman philosopher):

This video was done in one take.

Here's an overview of the grid I used to create it, and most of the other copy on this site. Remember! You will start with an empty grid and then start filling it out with your own focus words.

One of my favorite features of the copygrid is that it allows you to pump out minimal viable copy really fast. The outcome is something complete, which you can use right away with your clients, and then easily tweak and polish based on real interactions or sales, and not just because you think something should be added or changed etc.

Have a go at it:

Step 1

Go here and start creating your focus funnel, now.

This will allow you to organize your business, products or services, and segregate your clients, so that they can clearly understand you on every stage of your sales process.

With your funnel mapped out, it will be easy for you to keep your focus on the specific client you should be currently "talking to" in the specific copy you are creating.

If, when talking about your business, you feel incompetent, like a fraud, or hear desperation in your own voice, then this funnel will be the first step in getting rid of that roadblock.

It will not only make you feel better but will also create a foundation for all your future marketing efforts.

Once your done with your funnel, you'll choose the direction you want to start with in your business, and then go on to step 2.

After going through all the steps, you will have a ready copygrid that can be used across multiple sales channels.

After that and when you see that this works, you can go ahead and do the same for the other parts of your business.

When finished you'll end up with a complete and consistent marketing machine.

Click here to get started with your funnel.

This is how my funnel looks like. I go into details of this in the link above:

focus funnel

Step 2

Grill your client or yourself by asking "problem" questions.

This part's a bit more tricky. You have to ask "special" questions, look for emotion-filled "problem" words, and avoid "distraction" words that are given to set you off track.

Click here and start the grilling.

After clicking the link you'll find a list of "special" questions you can use to discover the "problem" words for your specific avatar (the target you are writing the copy for).

You'll also find a list of example "problem" words, so you know when to stop grilling, and a whole list of "distraction" words and phrases (so you know when you need to go deeper).

Step 3

Finish filling out your grid

Tips on using your grid across different marketing channels

The cool think about this, is that it doesn't really matter which part of your business you start with, because in the end all your prospects will be automatically pulled into your marketing funnel.

Do more with the grid:

  • Create ad hoc presentations
  • Instantly generate headline ideas
  • Easily build feature-benefit bullets